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Aeroaxiz is the company of a professional drone pilot named Pim. Aeroaxiz provides its customers with impressive drone shots. The company mainly focusses on automotive, music videos and action sports. Aeroaxiz was looking for a complete new identity. This identity had to radiate modernity, professionalism and innovation. Through much consultation and after numerous different versions, we finished the project with a neat and appropriate result.

The logo

Obviously, the letter A stands for Aeroaxiz; the name of the company. Furthermore, it’s a letter that’s sans-serif, sharp and firmly standing on two legs, just like a drone does. Finally, the gradient strengthens the innovative feel of the logo and refers to the speed of the drones Pim uses to capture his videos.

Carrying out the brand identity

A brand identity consists of more than just a logo. After we made clear what Aeroaxiz should stand for, we further developed the company's brand identity in multiple ways. I got to design business cards, a template for social media posts (using the shape of the logo to display images), and finally provided the design of the website. During this design process I made sure everything carried out the same style and message.

Instagram story icons

Pim often uses his social media channels to give his followers sneak peaks where he shows work in progress, the gear he’s working with or a location where he’s going to film.  We separated his instagram stories into four groups so I could make an icon for each one. This way, we made sure his instagram page would also fit his brand identity.

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