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Graphic design

From August 2021 until January 2022, I had the opportunity to intern at AFC Ajax. I was hired as a Graphic Design intern at the Merchandise and Design department. During my internship, I had the chance to work on many exciting projects and definitely developed myself as a designer. I would love to give you a glimpse into this wonderful club and everything I experienced during this six-month period.

Ajax quartet game

A quartet game for children where they work together to grow closer to each other. Each Ajax player has a different way of celebrating, which is visible on the cards. The question for the children is: How do they want to celebrate when they score?

Black friday visuals

This visual communicated the upcoming Black Friday discount (for the Ajax away kit) via social media. The visual had to make fans excited while combining text and a simple image of the away kit.

Player cards

These cards are regularly distributed to fans or included with orders of the Ajax Fanshop. To add an interactive layer to these cards, I added a QR-code. Ajax fans could scan these QR-codes with their smartphone to get additional information about their favourite players.

Linkedin vacancies

When Ajax is looking for new employees or interns, they post a message about it on LinkedIn. The visuals for these posts needed to look formal without being boring, as they should persuade people to apply. The chosen image was very important.

Christmas flyer

Every year, all members of the Ajax Supporters Association receive the Ajax Christmas flyer. I created the 2021 edition which was printed 94,000(!) times. The content of the flyer was determined in advance, together with all stakeholders. The booklet consists of products, mini-games and competitions. Before creating the final version, I made multiple designs, which we evaluated and improved.

Ajax X adidas teamgeist

The Teamgeist collection was dropped in collaboration with Adidas and communicated via many different channels, like the Ajax webshop, app and social media. Therefore, I designed visuals in many different sizes and ratios.

Signature card ajax women

This signature card is handed out to (young) fans of the Ajax Women at matches. Designing this card was challenging because I had to incorporate a lot of information into a relatively small canvas. Of course, it also had to look sleek and fit the Ajax branding guidelines.

Instagram posts ajax women

The following designs were posted on the Instagram page of the Ajax Women. They communicated different messages (like upcoming games or quotes from interviews) while matching in style.

other creative

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All projects