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Dormans is a dental technician based in Beek, The Netherlands. Dormans examines patients who are missing some or all of their teeth, and can design, construct, repair and alter removable dentures. Dormans puts their patients first and is known for their personal approach, which should be represented in their branding. Dormans used to have a website containing lots of useful texts and images. However, this website looked outdated and not very professional. I took the content of the old website as a starting point, completely restructured it and created a new and fresh rebranding. During the design process, I worked from low- to high fidelity by making multiple prototypes, all while discussing regularly with the owners and keeping their target group (elderly) in mind.

structuring content

Since the old website of Dormans contained lots of content, I first needed to define how to convey all this information most clearly and efficiently. While some content could be shortened, other content could be displayed in a different way or combined into less pages. As the new website still needed to convey a lot of information, I first started sketching (left image). As soon as I was happy with the new page division, I turned it into a low fidelity prototype (right image) and discussed it with the owners of Dormans.

After we agreed upon the page division, I further developed the prototype into a high fidelity version by paying close attention to the style and details across all pages. Then we discussed again until all their feedback was taken into account. As soon as we agreed I could start with the development process.

The result

After a great collaboration, this project resulted in a website with a logical structure and a modern, matching style. All required information was included while conveying a friendly and straight-forward message towards patients. When patients visit the website, they quickly get to know the face behind Dormans and find all information they need to feel comfortable and get in touch.

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