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Graphic design

During the minor Cross Media Promotion of Zuyd Hogeschool, I created a campaign, together with 3 fellow students, to make the city of Geleen more popular and vibrant. Currently, Geleen (located in Limburg, The Netherlands) is a city that has to deal with a lot of abandoned buildings. The city appears quiet, with a noticeable lack of activity compared to its busier days. We came up with an entrepreneur event, which we worked out as far as possible in 10 weeks. I was responsible for the design.

Event promotion

First of all, to be able to host an entrepreneur event, we needed people to attend the event; entrepreneurs as well as visitors. Therefore we set up a campaign. Since our goal was to make Geleen vibrant again, I developed a colorful and playful brand identity for our event. Our posters had the purpose to catch the attention and interest of passers-by.

Once people's curiosity got triggered, they could visit the website to get to know everything about the event. Furthermore, we also created folders and flyers, containing all relevant information about the event, to hand out physically.

The general idea was that entrepreneurs could sign up to promote their business by creating a simple pop-up store in one of the abandoned buildings in the center of Geleen. Visitors that signed up gathered at the central square of Geleen, where they started following a route passing all pop-ups. This way, we aimed to provide a fun experience for visitors and encourage people, including the entrepreneurs, to see opportunities and hopefully start something in Geleen.


In addition to our campaign efforts to promote the event, we also dedicated significant time to refining the event itself. To create a memorable experience for visitors, we came up with some accessories. Among these accessories were buttons, designed to be eye-catching and easily pinned onto jackets or bags by visitors. Additionally, we introduced neck cords with badges that showed attendees participated in the event. This gave them a physical reminder of their involvement in making Geleen more vibrant again.

Printed posters and folders

In the end, we presented the idea to our client: Stadslabs Geleen. In order to elevate the presentation and provide a more tangible experience, we brought our ideas to life through physical prints of the posters and folders. By offering tangible, printed materials, we aimed to provide a richer and more memorable impression. The people of Stadslabs Geleen responded very positive and enthusiastically to our ideas.

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