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WAVE Entertainment provides everything you need to host a great party or event. Specifically, the company focuses on medium-sized events and arranges suitable and high quality light and sound. Furthermore, the owner often performs as DJ. WAVE is an abbreviation for "Wave Audio Visual Effects", as well as a reference to the fact that both light and sound move in waves. The owner desired to use this idea as a starting point while creating the branding of his company.

The idea

The wave, referring to light and sound, is clearly visible in the logo. This wave gradually flattens a bit on the right side. This represents the decrease of sound waves as they move, diminishing in intensity over distance. In the shape of this wave, the letters "WAVE" are also incorporated in an abstract manner. The color gradient in the background symbolizes the frequency ranges of sound waves, from low to high tones.

Besides embodying some deeper meanings, the logo also stands as a sleek, resonant symbol, effectively conveying the essence of WAVE Entertainment. Its dynamic design radiates vibrant energy and excitement.


Since WAVE Entertainment rents-out sound and light, they need to advertise and be visible. Therefore, I came up with a van design, which can hopefully be realised in the near future. Furthermore, I also provided banners that can be used to advertise, for instance on carnival floats from their clients, like the one below.

Event photography


Lastly, WAVE Entertainment also was in need of a photographer, to create images they can use for their social media channels. Therefore, I visited a few of their events to provide some atmospheric impressions.

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All projects