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Logo design
Gold foil printing

Jl Luxury is the company of Jeroen Lahaye. Jeroen is a plasterer who already owned a company called JL stukadoors. He wanted to expand his services by starting another company that provides more luxury plaster designs (for example plastering with glitters or textures). Therefore he was looking for a new identity based on the logo of his first company... just a bit more luxurious.

Logo design

Before I was able to start with the design of the logo, I needed to know what kind of logo Jeroen was looking for. Thus, we had a cup of coffee together to talk about the message he wanted to convey. Jeroen already had a logo for his other company, which contained his initials "JL". He wanted to see these initials in this logo too, so people would recognize it. Furthermore, he told me the logo needed to radiate a special, luxurious feel.

As you can see in the first image below, I started experimenting and made a lot of different versions before coming up with the final design. The final design of the logo is simple and neat. The initials became clearly visible by making use of negative space. This, together with a carefully chosen font, radiates luxury.

Gold foil

Besides a logo, Jeroen also needed business cards to give to (possible) clients. I brought up the idea to create a design that contained gold foil, since this would perfectly fit the luxurious feel of his company. Jeroen agreed. This was my first time working with gold foil, which takes some extra caution while designing. In the end it was all worth it, since the result turned out great.

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